Launching Edible Landscapes in Priory Park 28 Nov 2009

Saturday morning. The rain stopped just in time for a band of tree wardens, under the supervision of haringey's hard working senior tree officer [and he does allotments too] Alex Fraser, to start planting trees in Priory Park. Alex's assistant was also on hand to make sure we did it properly. We put in five saplings altogether, two Sweet Chestnuts, a Walnut and two Rowans [or maybe it was the other way round..], close to the main path through the park. Some of us dug holes, and heaved trees round the park, others stood and watched and told us how we were doing it wrong...These were five of the more than 800 trees Alex and his team hope to have planted all over Haringey by spring. If you want a tree in your street or park, ask Alex and he may well plant one for you.
By 12.30 we were done, and on our way to fun and frolics in the Union Church for the Tree Trust's 13th birthday party, attended by about 60 friends of trees. Great music from the Croissants, photo displays, food, drink, had the lot and was a great success, due to hard work by the tree trust committee and their friends.
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