Turners Oak

Spotted this tree in Alexandra Park recently near the cork oak down from the Phoenix pub. It still some green leaves and I have tentively identified it as a Turners Oak. This is a cross between Holm Oak and English Oak both of which are present in the park. Comments/disagreements welcome!

Unusual Lime

Adrian and I were fascinated by the leaves of this lime tree while on a BTCV work day. Never seen one like this before. It is in Stationer's Park. Tilia mongolica (Mongolian lime), I am surprised that it is not more popular.

Dangerous rot

Immediate response from Islington tree officer to call from Tree Trust member meant this Highbury street tree was removed the same day. Pictures show extent of rot. Notice the almost vertical paving slab on the other side of the tree - was it on the move already? Are the holes part of the vascular system of the tree? Did insects play a part? How much of this rot was hastened by using the base of the tree as a dump for rubbish and rock salt heap in the winter?

Picture shows inside of tree decay cavity, taken upwards towards saw cut.

Dog damage

Dog damaged branch in Alexandra Park.

More signs of spring

We saw a thrush sitting on her nest

in a chestnut tree in Alexandra Park,

3 April 2010.

Spring at last

Horse Chestnut tree buds opening in Alexandra Park.
Tree Wardens/Tree Trust informal walk 3 April 2010.

Spring has come at last!

Grey poplar catkins

Grey poplar catlins on Tottenham Marshes Friday 26 March.